DOC Interactive Magazine Magazine Issue: DOC.SG | MAY 2018

In this issue, learn more about ENT from the expert herself, Dr. Lynne Lim, as she shares his experiences as an ENT Specialist in Singapore. Plus, enjoy tips on eating right for a good night, ageing right, and prevention of Alzhemier's.

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Introduction to DOC Interactive Magazine Magazine Issue: DOC.SG | APR 2018

Doc.sg Interactive our first ever interactive magazine under Doc.sg is mobile and can be shared online or on social media by everyone. Doc.sg Interactive Magazine takes you through the A to Z of health and aims to bridge the gap in communication between doctors and patients by bringing information from our med...

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Glaucoma is a group of eye disorders that eventually lead to optic nerve damage, which can then lead to vision loss or complete blindness.

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Stroke comes in as the fourth leading cause of death, only behind cancer, pneumonia and ischaemic heart diseases. It accounts for 10%-12% of deaths and is also the largest cause of long-term disability in Singapore.

Stroke occurs when blood flow to the brain is interrupted and this can be attributed to two causes: blockage of blood f...

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Your bones make you who you are, literally! They support your body, protect your vital organs and even play a part in storage of minerals and blood cell production.

The bones in our body are not the dead, dry sticks we think they are. They are actually living tissue made of living cells and even have their own blood vessels which hel...

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Not sure where to begin your healthy weight management plan? Go green.

Health knows no boundaries. Whether you are busy young adult or a retiree, it is important to keep fit and not put your health at risk due to obesity. If you are wondering where you should start your healthy weight management programme, go green by...

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Viral gastroenteritis, more commonly known as "stomach flu". is an intestinal infection that can occur to anyone at any time, mainly through human contact.


The informal name 'stomach flu' itself is a misnomer - this infection is not related to the "flu", or influenza. Influenza affects the respiratory system, leading...

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We know how to breathe the moment we came to this world. Or at least we thought we knew. But are we doing it right?

If you are guilty of the habits below, you would most probably have been breathing wrong all this while.

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Often the most frightening symptoms are traced to an imbalance of little-knownminerals. Let us find out more about the crucial minerals for our body.
Together, minerals make up a mere four percent of our body, but their role in its effective functioning is crucial. Experts define essential minerals as ‘keystones to our health’. It’s a fitting label considering they ...

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It is common to experience both floaters and flashes because the vitreous gel degenerates with age.
Have you ever looked up at the blue sky and seen cobwebs, lines or dots floating in your vision? If your answer is yes, then you should have your eyes checked by your eye specialist as soon as possible. It is likely that what you are seeing are floaters. “Floaters are ...

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